Drawing on Paper on compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 7 [OFFICIAL]



No problem!

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You're on my art tag list anyway, so as long as I actually remember to use it, you'll be tagged when I finish. :D (I'll try to remember to use the tag list.)



@colorlesscanvas i know,, i'm mainly trying to get away from my life here until i, preferably, fall asleep or pass out


oh right
this comes before haikyuu:
@XiaoMiaoMi , there is a thing called homework... it's a new invention. You should try it sometime!


the earliest forms of homework were introduced in the plague ages as a treatment to force prisoners to copy down ancient texts so that they would not be lost. it was banned with the huge french "human rights!!" movement for being too inhumane.


it is 10:23PM and i have steadily worsening anemia if i stay up late i can pass out and i won't have to go to school. therefore not having to deal with missing homework.


i wonder what the teachers would think of that?? I mean wow


oh no.. Can you sleep or do you have insomnia?
I'm sorry to hear about the anemia :c


it becomes okay once it's for "educational" purposes

i mean honestly

i could start ranting about our education system right here and now but i feel like the freshly-reborn drawing topic isn't the best place for it


Right you are


i have a bit of insomnia ((i'm not sure of the guage)), so that'll help in the passing-out part.

ehh this is getting off-topic

i'll post an insomniac doodle in a bit


ah that's bad

passing out sounds like a horrifying definition of sleeping
is it considered the same?

i wish you luck


<<let's get back on topic

see you tomorrow! (or not considering your well being)


well, sleep is a natural receding of order in your brain. it's one of the wonders of human life, actually, that we can have this sort of stage. it is where your body "resets" stuff that's gone wrong and such, since you don't have to use said stuff (since you're, well, asleep)

this state of no-conscious is called, err, "unconscious".

passing out is a much more forced way, like your body panicking as it reealizes it doesn't have enough resources and being forced to shut down as to not deal long-term damage.
with anemia, this occurs because since there isn't enough hemoglobin to carry oxygen, your conscious thought is impaired. sudden movements like sitting up force your heart to pump extra-hard to reach your brain in order to fuel conscious thought and other processes.
so, in order to make sure you don't end up getting hypoxia and/or sudden death, your body turns off a bunch of "toggles" and so fainting occurs.

think of it as turning off your ipad and swiping out of apps to maintain organization vs. turning off your ipad and swiping out of apps to avoid your ipad using up too much energy and dying.



drawings i'm trying to use to guage my level of wake-ness (consciousness??)


I really love this eye drawing! For some tips- the lower lashline could be a lighter color than the skin tone. The upper and lower lid of the eye are shaded wonderfully! try using a really thin brush to create lower lashes. Following in a really wide 'U' shape around the bottom of the eye. Some are different lengths or directions, it's hard to explain. The caruncle(?) of the eye, is more of a triangular shape. Fill in the v shape? This was an amazing drawing! I hope this helps ^^


Wow, thank you so much! I'll try my best to fix those things, thanks! :D


it looks amazing though! You don't have to follow through with my suggestions haha

I love your art!


I really want to try hard to improve my art, so any suggestions and criticism is gladly appreciated. :D


Looks like you are on a school iPad, that's why.