Drawing on Paper on compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 7 [OFFICIAL]



I'm not supposed to be on rnw!
I'm meant to studyyyyyyy


I have some art on PAPER which I never do. It's for spring, as of today it's the first day of spring :tulip:

Okay art

ya sure?
  • Yes I do please
  • No I don't want to see the art


le ok (DISCLAIMER: much cringe)


Have you noticed how Disney treats Elena though? She is in a thing with other Disney Princesses where you get to meet them and get your picture with them in Disney World. I saw a commercial on Disney channel about it. She also had her merchandise in the Disney store with the other princesses. And in the commercial they also referred to her as a Disney princess. ;)

Yeah, let's gbot now ;D


Work in progress:

Sorry about the watermark — I don't want people stealing my work, even if it is unfinished. (Every image posted on the forum can be found in a Google image search, so...yeah. Anyone on the Internet could save the image and say it was their drawing.)

I'm actually kind of proud of this. :D
(It isn't meant to be super realistic, by the way.)


No you're not I'm not saying you should just admit it it's fine


No one should see me art
Do you?


Idk what to draw...help me

  • Kona, my OC
  • Disney Character (will do another poll if this wins for which character)
  • Celebrity (same as above, includes YouTubers and such)
  • Me
  • Redraw (something I drew a long time ago on HS)
  • Someone else's OC (you can request)
  • Other (request and tell me)


Choose up to 2 options

Votes are public.

Will close at 10 peeps


Ok ima post

le art

Le finito Not good.

Edit: it's not goood


i suggest taking out a fresh sheet of paper (notebook is fine), putting on music, and letting your mind wander. know that you'll throw away the sheet of paper in the end anyway, free up your mind, try and get your brain thinking right, and you'll find you create some random things. expecting anything out of it puts pressure on yourself. just let yourself be free and let your wrist and fingers do what they want.

or, of course, you can also do a formal piece. or doodle.

it's up to you; i personally enjoy the doodling much more, as i hate my current art style and am trying to find ways to either improve or come to terms with it.

good luck! :))


Oh my gosh, you are right! Didn't notice! Anyway, could I put a drawing here that was in the previous topic? It got removed.


me: Wow, my art's actually improved a lot with the color studies! It does take more effort, though, and I'm getting sleepy.

me to me: there exists a second season of haikyuu...




This sounds like me right now, plus I haven't touched the second season yet or third

haha i haven't even finished season one, only finished reading chapter 1 to the latest updated part of the manga


:000 THIS :000 IS :000 AMAZING :000

:000 I :000 LOVE :000 THE :000 SHADING :000 AND :000 EVERYTHING

Are you ever gonna finish it? :000


Drew this today (they have coffee cake in their hands, my obsession with Hamilton and Cofee Cake have taken over) anyway, who is your favorite Schuyler sister?
I guess comment below, because the poll doesn't seem to be working for me.. mines Angelica! :smiley:


Oh yeah, and I drew them with cat ears :stuck_out_tongue:


psst! There's also a 3rd season!




I tried drawing a realistic eye, I think it went pretty well. I might try drawing the rest of the face, too. :P



Thank you so much!

Yeah, I'm going to try to finish it tomorrow afternoon. :D