Drawing on Paper on compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 7 [OFFICIAL]



Ayyyy the color no one knows what it is (REPLY if you do or if you have same color)


I made mah HOO/PJO oc!
Here she be!
Idk what Hecate's Roman name is. shrugs


I have that same hair color, @AcuteAlpaca!

I'm always asking myself "Is my hair blonde? Or brown? Or dirty blonde? Or light brown?"

Here's a picture :D

Although I really don't know what color it is, I just consider it dirty blonde lol.


Here's a BETTER photo! Lolol


i'm going to attempt to do a semi realistic drawing


Mine is brown

U got no business looking at mah face


That looks awesome, @Elemental_Cat! :D

I like how you added rosy patches of skin where she had lots of freckles, and how you did her hair. I also like the color of her eyes. It's very pretty!


cool cool


Oh, thanks!
I wanted her hair to be like an orangey brown. It turned out to be a reddish color, but I like it!

Thank u @BerryFOX!
I like ur art too



I ask myself "Is it orange-brown? Dirty blonde highlighted dark brown? Dark brown? Medium Brown? Light brown?"

Whenever I try to draw my hair I just do dark brown.

PPL don't post too much! I have to do my HW and I can't bc I can't miss out on stuffs


No problem! I like it too! :D

You like my art? Thank you! But really; it's terrible compared to yours. ^^


That's noice color.
Wait. How did this thing about hair start?
We should GBOT, cuz I got flagged once......
I don't mean to be a party pooper. I'm never one.


My arts bad too.


It goes with drawing. I use my hair pictures to draw all the time
- when I need a hairstyle to draw
- colors
- texture
- how it flows


i'd probably say light brown
and a bit of dirty blonde?
i like light brown better because at least on hopscotch people usally make it blonde then put streaks of brown but idk


I like your art though :0 it's not bad!


So true!

I just color it brown, and then blend some blonde into it. :D

My friend has hair like that. She claims it is 'orangey brownish blonde with light brown streaks.'


I typically only have math as homework....
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Your art is amazing! Don't say that! :D


Wow :0