Drawing on Paper on compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 7 [OFFICIAL]



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good, good


Well I think this was in the other topik but Ash wants your critism on this beauty

I don't see what's wrong.


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Can't wait to see it XD

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Oh my gosh! How do u draw so gud, omg this piece if art is a piece if art! Ur art style is so cute!!


Well I know nothing about digital art so
It's Amazing?
Idk but maybe try drawing the outline of the hair more steady? And the layers look kinda weird, I suggest using a reference for hair
But if u don't want to change it,it still looks amazing(:point_up:๏ธŽ ีžเจŠ ีž):point_up:๏ธŽ


Now there gone lel


mind blown


Posting here so I'll get notifications :D


Elena of Avalor isn't technically a Disney heroine?

She doesn't have her own movie. Sort of like how Sofia the First is a princess made by Disney, but she's not a "Disney Princess."


He should finish coloring it... :D


Here's a drawing from Topic 6 that got deleted


That's SOOOOOOO cute!


Thank you so much!! ;U;


This is so pretty!


Wow that's so pretty! She looks like a doll!


Lol i just have hand-me downs and occasionally new ones