Drawing on Paper Compared to Drawing on an iPad (shading, shaping, etc). TOPIC 476 [UNOFFICIAL]


ok, so this isn't a drawing topic. but whenever you see one that's not official and someone new made it, (like they joined less then 20 hours ago) or they have no idea where to find the topic, don't bombard them with posts saying "oh go to the drawing topic" as maybe they don't have any posts left, or they don't know where the drawing topic is. instead of doing that, put a link to the topic. and if you go into the topic and see the problem is already resolved, just leave the topic.

ok bye


This is a friendly reminder! Thank You and I hope others see this!


What if you tried doing that very nicely and they didn't listen to you?


well what do you mean by that? because sometimes people have limited replys their first day, and can't post a post, but if they won't listen or whatever, just try to ignore them, see if the problem can resolve by itself, and if necessary (won't resolve) you can try to resolve the problem.


Nope, I meant I saw another person make a drawing topic and I linked them to the official one and asked them to maybe recycle their topic, and they got mad at me and started a mini flame war that thankfully got put out


yeah, don't add fuel to the fire by replying.


Here's what happens when I try to draw animals on paper:


Do you care...
This actually isn't a drawing topic


oh not really
I just realized it wasn't a drawing topic


More like Drawing on Paper Compared to Drawing on an iPad (shading, shaping, etc). TOPIC 420 hahaaa… I’ll leave.


What do you mean?