Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (Shading, shaping, etc.) (Topic 8) (UNOFFICIAL) IS NOT TO BE USED UNTIL VOTING


Hey guys, this is the eighth drawing topic!! Yeet, the 6th has not been closed yet..
Best to be prepared!!
This is the Official topic by the way

What happened to the drawing topic? (Drawing Topic 8 and 10)

IDK how to draw


den wai u replie xD


It's normal to make a topic like this, but I guess..


Why is there a 7th one :000


I feel stu.pid


Why :000


the other's only like a tenth finished?


Because everyones like
"when did we say u could make this topic, the other one's not finished and u never even asked"


I guess it might've been confusing to them? insert shrug emoticon


they know what theyre talking about


Here's the list of who's making it next. Only lazylizard can decide who makes them.


um we still have like 9000 replays to go in the other topic soo


I'm sorry, it didn't offend me that much, I was just stating my opinion..


huh the other topic isnt even close to closing


True lol
@system can close this for now and open when the 6th one is done XD


nvm about this topic
people are just going to complain about it anyways


"why did you make this"
"system'll close it"
"there's no need"
"we're only one tenth done"
I know, okay?


Ummm... reffy there were people before you.


I know..
I don't need any more reminders.