Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]

CoF is Communicat oustside the Forum.


sksksks bro i missed u too :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

should we talk on the general discussion topic so the mods don’t attack us

Oofers :((
nvm then

What @XiaoMiaoMi replying? Too much people back!!

yeah maybe!!! but hello nice to meet you!

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Yea i don’t feel like being yelled at :’)

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same :’) I’ll tag u there

Mhmmm I helped you to reach 10000th post on ur topic m8… u don’t remember me?..

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there’s some of my recent art (ranging this month to literally last night)

now that that’s there, side note, i probably won’t be on here much except for to check in with some folks that i’ve come to know through, what, 4 years? to see if they’re doing alright


OMG IM SORRY I’m really sorry oh man I remember now

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Oof lol! Don’t worry m8

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ugh your style is gorgeous!!! i love the colors and shading in the last one


thanks a ton!! means a lot coming from you, your style’s super boppin


dude thank you!! that means so much coming from you :sparkling_heart:

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Wow. HH suggested Corner shoulders and u suggest rounded.

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To celebrate Hopscotch being around for six years, I give you this:


Whoa Cocoa you’ve been on for 6?


No, but I know that six years ago today, Hopscotch was launched!

The second one I s gorgeous! :sparkling_heart::heartpulse::two_hearts:

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Hey @Serenity you’ve edited a few of my posts (sorry about that btw), but just delete the post after because you take out the key words and I look like I’m talking to myself lol

(pleaze give cc)