Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



Well lol light blonde up to waist?

warning: flower gore but with a filter wow

i put a filter on that thing and i don’t care that i posted the other version of this already
so im not putting my tag list on this because i already posted the other version of this bUT


the holy space child


YES!!! gotta love felix


thank you!! :joy:


The flower gore stuff is always very pretty!


Hey Swan! How´s things been!


revamping an old character I made back in 7th grade!

(sorry for the glare)

This Minch/Mashall
I plan on writing a story based off the character (except he´s a human being)… But i wasn´t sure-

Head Cannon Voice-

This song is great uwu




@TheDrawer I gave you something to draw right?..If so are you done yet? (no pressure take your timeeeee)


Whoever has an art taglist that u only use for art, y’all can add me to it bc it’s annoying to scroll through this topic when most of it is spam lol


sorry, i probably should’ve said something sooner. but i haven’t really been feeling like drawing (an exception to my latest posts) lately bc of a lot of irl stuff going on skasksks

ill probably be able to finish it in like a week or something idk no promises


Ooh mr beast and pewds? there’s nothing more epic than this!


Lol late reply


It’s not Mr. Beast, it’s just old pewdiepie and now pewdiepie lol


Lol looks like mr beast!


does that mean mr. beast is a reincarnation of old pewdiepie :speak_no_evil:

anyways let’s gbot


K. Maybe… who knows


If you don’t mind… check this post, it may be useful if you want to draw on hs, ask if you want to have links to get rid of the remix thinguie


that’s a pretty cool drawing pad!! it’s so satisfying to draw on and it’s simplicity is really nice lol