Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



Huh ok.


It is truly mine plus the art is from pictures I cave taken and pictures from apps


hm i hope i won’t fail that really important polish exam


…is it? if they’re pictures you’ve taken, the art is in the pictures, not the replicas. and if the ‘references’ are from other apps, credit needs to be given to the artists for those apps. it is not sufficient simply to say “someone else helped.” wouldn’t you like to be recognized if your work was inspiration for someone else?


ok but this is?? really good?? i love the shading


You won’t as you are amazing!


Whoa we all thought u were banned
But I did miss talking with you

Are you in Peru now?


What do you think? Original and nothing taken from anywhere. This is not traced nor copied. This is free hand.


thanks :relieved::revolving_hearts:


It’s okay :peace_symbol::tulip:


Please dont trace art Uni, if you did trace these.

The first, it’s like a photo.
The second, that’s like a pic I’ve seen online.
The third is from a coloring app.
The fourth is a ref pic you gave me once.

I put it over the ref pic...

…so wow this is really accurate if you didn’t trace it

The fifth is an avatar from an avatar maker, it was one of your past pfps.

We’re just not all that sure here prob because you’ve copypasted art and said it was your own in the past, plus I’m not sure someone can improve that fast, and it does have the aesthetic that it was traced.


how much have I missed in three days?

oh here´s some art w/ me and my cous! (quality may be bad?)


some who may be interested?


Lol not much, these look awesome!


thank you uwu
(holy moly! Will Smith is blue)


nods agreeingly but doesn’t understand


The forum makes me act crazy is what I have noticed,

But it doesnt really matter I guess,

So yeah.
Thisll be my only oot comment.


Ok dude, cya around hopscotch and here then




Smol doodle before lunch

Based off of



watermarks scrappily in large letters

A wip I’m doing with brush pens irl

About the skin colors, most of them are brown or tan because I’ve got no peach or pale brush pens and the one I do have is rather pink.