Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



drawing of Lime done during Christmas time


New bean

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Chocolate dipped kitty with strawberries


Sorry for being off yesterday.

It’s bad but it works.


Askaka that’s amazing tv!!




I can’t.




Also I’d give you a like but I’m out


Art dump with credit coming soon


Alright ik i said im gonna be leaving but i just want to show everybody this sprite edit i did of cain and abel from fire emblem
Spring cain n spring abel.

If you wanna do this here are some tips
  • some apps are better for this than others. Sketches isnt so good and sometimes crashes
  • dont be alarmed by the amount of pieces that make up a hero.
  • layer!
  • dont get disheartened if it doesnt look perfect.
  • if you have a recolour tool use it.
  • sometimes some units have more pieces than others. Units with mounts have more pieces due to the fact that they’re on an animal

art dump- reference pile
my art

image image

thank you @CoderOfMagic


thank you @CTS


animedrawergirl (hs)

werewolfviolet (hs)

thank you @MewtwoCreator


thank you @serenity


I needed somewhere to put this, and i have posted my art in here. I gave full credit to all pics.


That looks so cool @AmiiboTrash!


I know many dont wanna see my face, but yes you can have this thing still I guess.

Made it in the middle of a flight…


Ahhh hi it’s been forever
Actually just a few months but still
That’s a really good drawing! It’s good to see you again!


Sorry guys my name was in one of the arts, I will repost it with ought my name


Please make sure that you say that you traced these.
I know the last one is from an avatar making website, and the one with the lady and the roses is from an online coloring book.
The rest look like you traced pictures.


i didn’t trace i copied


I did side by side yes


either way, it’s important to give credit to the original artists (not just google). not only is it respectful; it’s also the law! you can be fined or tried for copyright violation when you’re an adult, and even as a kid you can get in trouble with your school.

try making art from your own experiences! as a person who unknowingly traced a few things in seventh grade, I know firsthand how much more gratifying it is to make art that is truly yours.