Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



@TGIF only a sketch but


lol I love it tysm gwe!!


Awww thanks CoM! Don’t rush anything, it’s all chill. Tysm for making me smth
Great song too lol


an even worse attempt at animation




I’ve fallen in love with Print :heart:


she’s? so? pretty? tysmmm :two_hearts::two_hearts:


pose tests
should i finish this tongue click or nah

  • yes
  • i honestly truly don’t care
  • no

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Tip here, I animate a lot, so I recommend making the animation “flow” meaning that you keep the animation going until the last frame, so it appears to smoothly loop in gifs. Also, I like FlipaClip too!


i messed up the faceeeeeeeee


@TheDrawer ong all ur animations are so good :relieved::facepunch::heart_eyes_cat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::nerd_face::parking::frog: :bangbang:




Guys if u wanna art on hs plz check my new drawing pad!

It is the best it could’ve been!


:clap: Bye memes gone 10/10 (A reference to lasagna but I can’t say the actual word)


yeah i tried that
worked with the first one but the second one looped weird




My latest Gacha edit of my OC Ocean


No prob m8 :))




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The list for anyone who wants to join


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