Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



Hey I finally lost regular guys… oh well

^Bad art^


Wow that’s a good drawing


I’ll add you!
And thank you!



I don’t know why this topic is still allowed but I’m glad it’s still here!


There are new leaders but they’re really great! Not annoying. Although because there are new leaders there have been lots of changes in rules so that’s why there’s no more general topics

Welcome back btw!




On a plane :airplane:


Lol hello


if you want to be inspired to draw then watch drawing wiff waffles on YouTube


same ugh it made me really sad


nords be liak :nerd_face: @itzmya @gobli09 nerd


can someone please draw her :0


oof ok i’m making a tag list ig so just @ me if you want to be added


@CoderOfMagic would like to be in it UwU


hahaha yeah but thank you!! :heartpulse:

Art tag list thing (mostly just so I can keep track of things)


Edit: Tag me if you want to join, otherwise I may not see it


more pewds


Cool! You draw really awesome!


a quick sketch i did to relieve stress


It’s hard for me to draw lined art most of the time lol


petrichor isn’t actually harder headed, i don’t even know why i said that, that actually was pretty dumb of me, so im sorry
@itzmya @murphy1 @gobli09 @blackseal