Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



So cute


Can I join your tag list please? Also, could you do drawing for me please? If you do, this gal

This gal person human being mammal living creature organisms


Ok I’m back! Do you want me to draw her with or without the hood? @CoderOfMagic


Sure you can join! Oh also what color are the eyes?


Might make a tag list… @ me if you want in


Um, whatever color Kylie Jenner’s eyes are




please may I join in, that looks awesome!




heya! How are you?


I’m good! You?


With the hood, if possible


Cool that’s what I was thinking.


@svmaddy26 i think your art is super cute! if you made a tag list, i would love to be on it!


Should I do a tag listo or no

  • yeah, i would like to be on it!!
  • i mean, i wouldn’t join but like do it
  • no, i don’t think you should

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Thank you 4 the cc!
But, it’s from a certain angle

uhh, since everyone is posting animation stuff now, have this,

which is supposed to be a redo of this



this is not fair why did u take all the talent i wanted some too :(((


@svmaddy26 please add me!


@rednoodles please add me to ur tag list
Your art is spot on