Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



It’s very good :ok_hand:


@amberheart here’s ur request!
also @ExquisiteSoup ill start doing ur request now, i just did amberheart’s first bc it was easier lolol

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:heart_eyes::see_no_evil::two_hearts::cupid: where’s @itzmya



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Lol guys,
Does anyone know how to get calligraphy ibisPaint


There’s a brush for it.


Holy Apple
I just came back from a long timeee
So all my topics r like gone cause there’s a new policy that non code related topics aren’t allowed?
My question is why this topic is still allowed? Like I like this topic btw. Also who’s still here? Is it dead now?
Nice artttt
R there new annoying moderators or something? (No offense)
So yeah hi
Edit: oh my gosh everyone i knew is gone?!,


Animation take 3


Oops I posted in the wrong topic…

Request complete @Amberheart!

Coco’s Tag list! Ask to join!



Could you draw smth for me?


All GTs were closed and the forum’s becoming more code related.
The drawing topic is still allowed, idk why.
There’s no new moderators, though there’s community leaders.
Whiteboards have been banned.


Sure! What is it?


This gal

you’re art is great!

Warning: flower gore... again

give cc :b:lease





















Tag me, I’ll be back in a half hour.


Oh wow thanks I remember u!
Lol they closed all my topics but idc cause I wasn’t going to use them anyway. Why is this topic still allowed tho? Rlly interesting!


this’s really pretty! i love the linelessness in it oof


i love the shading on the hair!!!


Cute drawing! Love the strawberries
I would say that jars aren’t rectangles they are cylindrical
So maybe you could draw like this instead of that


good boi