Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]

Aw thank you!
(You’ll find that style, I’m sure of it! :3)

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Wow just realized I haven’t uploaded art in a while
Have this dragon girl
I’ve recently been getting into concept art
(Excuse the nose, it’s one of many things I can’t draw)

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Nice! You and I have not been on together for a while.
Lets move to the gdt, but how are you?


this isn’t conventional art, but I just finished a final project for my math class.

each line is an equation or multiple equations. I may add shading in the form of inequalities tomorrow before I turn it in; I may not. depends on how far I get with my english speech :sweat_smile:


dumm procreate test that i really don’t like
























Of course not! I really can’t wait to see what u come up with! Experiment as much as u want :clap:t2::partying_face:

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Woah Desmos

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omigod how long did that take you? I finished my desmos Project a while back. r u in 8th grade too? I wasn’t able to figure out how to make curves like those :0

also tysm for putting me in ur questionare :smiley:

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im lovin the hand


The hand Lmao
Love it cg:)


Lol I’m trying to be more. Stylistic with how I draw hands bc it’s more fun :clown_face:


well you are an amazing artist, and your really nice! no worries :blush:

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no it’s really nice, I love it so much!

sketch of shae bc why not ig
k lots of love to all y’all :two_hearts::fire::rainbow_flag:


hi hi i was tagged

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@bun.ira I think @Rodrik834 wanted some CC on this!

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I’m a sophomore but I’m in junior honors math
you eighth graders must be pretty advanced if you’re working with elipses, quadratics, cube roots and sinusoids


@Rodrik834- the problem with it not looking too human? Probably the eyes ahah

and maybe adding a mouth would help~ just search up male faces on google and use that as reference I guess lol, what I can send to you is very limited and the web offers more precise advice on lighting, form and perspective :)))


1. what was your first ‘phase’?
Very. Very cringy mermaids.

2. you have 6 minutes to draw something, then you could never draw again. what do you draw?
Um a “this is my final piece of art” drawing?

3. what is the most common thing to cause artist’s block for you?
I don’t think I’ve ever gotten artist’s block.

4. what is the fine line between ‘good art’ and ‘AMAZING ART’?
Good = whoa

5. what is the line between decent and bad?
Decent = eh it’s ok
Bad = ehhh

6. between bad and horrible?
Bad = ehhh
Horrible = ?

7. full in the blank. it makes me mad when people draw __________
Offending/disrespectful stuff.

8. who is your biggest inspiration?
Do fairies count
Because I was really into fairies when I was like 8 lol and I know like no pro artists other than ones in history so

9. guntoyourhead, would you stop drawing?
If someone put a guntomyhead?
Well sure I’d stop drawing until I’m safe.

10. why do you draw the way you do? (yes i know this is unspecific, i really want to know things like: my fav artist does her eyes like so, or everybody seems to like when i do this, etc.

Bonus Question!
should i try to post a challenge or questionnaire every Friday?
Yeah they’re fun to answer!