Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]


@itzmya do u want to collab and make a brochure :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Silly rat what r u doing on my brochure’s blueprint?!? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


why would i be a good person to help? (sorry if this sounds rude i don’t mean for it to be jus curious)

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have some top tier art via my sketchbook

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  1. what was your first ‘phase’?
    the “i can’t draw so i shall draw abstract” phase
  2. you have 6 minutes to draw something, then you could never draw again. what do you draw?
    probably myself, or my friends, or my oc. idk which.
  3. what is the most common thing to cause artist’s block for you?
    frustration. not being able to put what i visualize onto paper.
  4. what is the fine line between ‘good art’ and ‘AMAZING ART’?
    art that comes alive to me. good art may make me smile m, but in a few minutes i won’t remember it. Amazing art i will probably save and continue thinking about long after.
    5.what is the line between decent and bad?
    no art is bad to me. as long as you’re trying it’s good.
  5. between bad and horrible?
    none is bad
  6. full in the blank. it makes me mad when people draw __________
    it makes me mad when people draw things that are disrespectful to others
  7. who is your biggest inspiration?
    people like @SarcasticTvHead definetely. and @CTS. a lot of HS artists.
  8. guntoyourhead, would you stop drawing?
    i mean probably. i have other hobbies
  9. why do you draw the way you do? (yes i know this is unspecific, i really want to know things like: my fav artist does her eyes like so, or everybody seems to like when i do this, etc.)
    i took an art class, so my style is based off the way i learned in that class. my eye style is partly based off of a combination of two of my friends’ styles.
  1. Anime girls in 4th or 5thwas a big one I guess
  2. Lol idk, probably nothing
  3. Whenever I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to do
  4. Idk but amazing is portraits with oil paint
  5. Idk
  6. Idk
  7. Weird stuff, like the stuff solarsand does videos on
  8. Webtoon artists lol
  9. Uh… yeah
  10. Right now I try not to go all out anime or whatever

@thedrawer me oh my


Hmmmm I will now take a request, I wanna draw someones oc or something


K meeeee
Uh this gal

Oh yeah I haven’t posted that


Yeah it’s a dress

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Aw thank you!
(You’ll find that style, I’m sure of it! :3)

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Wow just realized I haven’t uploaded art in a while
Have this dragon girl
I’ve recently been getting into concept art
(Excuse the nose, it’s one of many things I can’t draw)

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Nice! You and I have not been on together for a while.
Lets move to the gdt, but how are you?


this isn’t conventional art, but I just finished a final project for my math class.

each line is an equation or multiple equations. I may add shading in the form of inequalities tomorrow before I turn it in; I may not. depends on how far I get with my english speech :sweat_smile:


dumm procreate test that i really don’t like
























Of course not! I really can’t wait to see what u come up with! Experiment as much as u want :clap:t2::partying_face:

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Woah Desmos

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omigod how long did that take you? I finished my desmos Project a while back. r u in 8th grade too? I wasn’t able to figure out how to make curves like those :0

also tysm for putting me in ur questionare :smiley:

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im lovin the hand