Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]



hey gang, welcome to the new drawing topic. @smishsmash and @LazyLizard aren’t on right now iirc so im making it. friendly reminder that smishy, ll, and i are the only three people authorized to create the topic. please don’t remove the bananas tag yadda yadda yadda have fun

also don’t lounge this no matter what drama is raging i’m not a regular and you best not prohibit me from visiting my own post

e: yall

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Hi im new! I need help!
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Drawing (In Hopscotch) Challenge! [Enter Now]

Omigosh tysm for making this so fast!


Art time!

Made this on Hopscotch.

Also here’s a five minute cat photoshop.

Also have this.

also here:
you need benny

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np i got on at just the right moment


cool thanks Onnie uwu


thanksss <3


I am so glad we don’t have to wait three days for this…


Early m8’s


Yay, I’m one of the first 10 posts!!




Who was?


Forgot if I posted this art already on the previous topic but art of my oc Patches


yay a new art topic i really need to post my newer stuff ill try to post it soon


Ty for making it so fast onnie !!


hi ppl can’t wait to see all you’alls art


Hello, fellow epic gamers.

@Madsie05 @A_Metalhead @ItzMya @Autumn_Leaves @tankt2016 @Grizzlyzoe @Gobli09 @Healeybot1 @FearlessPhoenix @ArtisticCoder @Kayro @sheelyn


Just drew this on Hopscotch. I think I might make it my profile pic.
Now I has coffee cake to attend to


This is the quickest ever a new drawing topic has been made?


Oh I just noticed I has botched necks


Haha! I had found the new one!!!


Hello New drawing topic!!! Anyone wanna be in my group pic?

Spots Open
-1 Claimed!!! Tankt2016
3 Claimed!!! FearlessPheonix
4 Claimed!!! AmberHeart
5 Claimed!!!

F means female
M means male
I really dont care tho.