Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 19 [OFFICIAL]



anyone wanna join ma whiteborad fox?


Hello everyone. Well have dis girl.

Disregard the hands pls.


How come everytime I press this link, it lead me to the never give you up music video


I did, no one else is there though?


Whoa you’re good on paper!


heh, thanks. (I only like 3 of my paper drawings)


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err… seems like a waste of likes. this is like the egg.


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Not possible unless you use hundreds of alts like the current most liked post did


Sweet, what kind?


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Artify I think is the name?
There’s no brush tip but they’re still good!!
I don’t know a lot about em since I got em for my bday


So I was working on this before some troller cleared


why should I care??? (ples dont flag, i’ legit asking)


my child!!! he has been saveed!!!


I just drew a really bad thing


I did this
(you add photos through options 4 people who were asking)


I wanna post my first attempt at alcohol markers but I’m scared cuz the face su.cks