Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 19 [OFFICIAL]



Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean it’s what I think.




Ender dragon
Enderman, shulkier


This took forever to draw because I normally do digital art on a phone using my finger, and I haven’t used a stylus since last year so when I tried to draw on an ipad using a stylus, I would often have to fix mistakes or undo things while drawing much more often than with what I normally draw with.




Thanks I think


Happy anniversary dude


Hi today I forgot what colors were and how to make them look good
This is for trees dtiys on instagram


This is so cool i loveit omG


it’s that time of the year again. The one day in the entire year where I have to draw a nice romantic drawing. I know what you guys are thinking, and I know you hate this as much as I do. But yes I have to do this as it is very important.

reylo fanart.


this post is probably confusing everyone. I have a friend (Scavenged) who is obsessed with reylo. It’s her bday tomorrow. I’m being a nice friend. #unbankayro2019


hehe it’s my birthday tmrw so I’m not gonna be posting that much, sorry!!


only watched one episode, kinda boring imo

nice drawimg dude ong


as always


lol the point is that its super extra, its charming in that way.

then again we all have different tastes, like ur giant love for idol shows lol.


why is drawing so hard???


same honestly.

ppl can draw so good in here and i can only but wonder how and why lol.


I dislike what I’ve drawn.


oOf chaos @ babysitting
I want to draw, read, and curl up and sleep all at the same time : P


er… big picture, I’m working on the pic that I’m drawing in the fold.

rey wanna lightsaber that stormyboi ben, let her.