Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 19 [OFFICIAL]



Ahhh thanks! I tried to make the head thing look similar to the ender girl’s headdress thing


Shading practice
But failed


Don’t swear or clear the board please. To whoever was upset on the last one, please don’t come on. I don’t want to start any more drama





Did you draw that on a wbf


Yeah on the one I just made.


Oh, I don’t like to make drawings on wbf because people just erase ur things


Yup so sometimes I just make a wb and doodle on it by myself.


That’s what I do I just never post my drawings on The Forum because then I would have over 1111133+ posts of just drawings lol


lol im chinese

will i ever finish this? who knows


It looks good so far.


Just doodling on wbf and practicing drawing faces


My dad’s friend just brought us a bag of clothes :pray:


thanks i think


Lol I’m caucasian


The end




Wow,, lighting 100


They scare me even more than you do