Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 19 [OFFICIAL]



why are the arms so long
where are the elbows
I’m concerned


I wish I had a stylus. My iPad is so dirty. My dad was fixing my case and he said, “This thing is so dirty.”


btw this guy just died becus cb dont know how to hair and she hates herself


toxic friend
this is a bad drawing I’m not tagging my tag list
hH it’s a vent but I didn’t wanna draw myself in it so, uh, Becca instead


Heeeeey; if you’re bored, would you mind drawing Spark in your style?


idk if this was directed at me or not, but I can if you want!


Yes. Sounds fun :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol it turns out it was @coolaid

Lol sorry.

Ok nice.


what did I do

ok nevermind
Idk what happened but uh


@coolaid @coolaid @coolaid @coolaid @coolaid @coolaid @coolaid

They eat pop tarts or something.


I did something productive today :))

Based off of these dudes because they look coolio

They’re the same same dude but in a different colour >:))


Dieting journey is not going well. My mom bought a bunch of snacks and ice cream but all I can have is plain oatmeal

Do you have any idea how disgusting it tastes with seeds


Well your art’s definitely going better than the dieting (from what I can see)


I’m really bored


hhhhh, I meant from my imagination/head, and my dum.b pinky finger has a mind of it’s own…


Wubbzy! I was trying to remember that guy’s name the other day, lol


I listened to a lot of Randall Shreve today and it was a pretty good day



I love it! It looks nice


Aaaah squishy tail !! I like the bandana thing she’s cute!and now the ender is complete, and full of many such cute girls :pensive::pensive::clap::clap::rainbow_flag::two_hearts: