Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 19 [OFFICIAL]



!!hhhh thank you


Happy anniversary!!!


Hey @ChickenGirl how do you draw the detailed transformers? Do you have any tips?


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Oof I’ve done that to
It socks


Working on some Valentine’s day cards!


BUT I CHugged the fastest out of all the there 4 girls mwahahahajajja


Ha lol yes everything for the win


I love the puns lol oof


Mindcool24 OH yeah also I drew u that iron woman thing


Yes I saw it. It is great I love it!


Thank u, I worked very hard, but it was fun


Yup no problem. RN I’m working in 3d models… It’s hard


I’m bored so I drew her. It looks like she has a mustache. Lol


Its the…uh…shulker girl

Hm. I didnt have the right coloured pencils and cant do transparent skirts that well (she was supposed to have a transparent skirt) so. Hm.


Hrrgh colonel im trying to sneak around but im dummy thicc and the claps from my cheeks keeps alerting minecraft steve




She’s perfect :revolving_hearts: and now we have all the End mobs amazing


What about the endermites?


Hm I wish I did have tips, but mainly I just look at references and try to make my drawing look as sketchy as possible so then it’s just confusing enough to look at that I must assume it’s complicated and detailed.