Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 19 [OFFICIAL]



here ya go
because I’m never on y’all can fix the tags and topic and whatever because I have no clue how
but yeah

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made this yesterday and I actually have no blank sketchbook paper now rip me


Merry belated Christmas, m’dudes!

EDIT: Just made some tweaks to the drawing

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A new topic already ?!?!?!?
I better get some art


have a weird goose


oo new topic hhhhhhh


It’s almost twenty bi-teen babey :cowboy_hat_face:
@amiibotrash I borrowed funkette and dededette

Individual pics also hi new dt


@ItzMya the new dt exists so you can make your new tag list here if you want ig.

Also hello, new dt


i drew these two on my ipad while testing grayscale patterns


I know I just edited someone in lol


Oh oof lol sorry I got tagged and then I was confused


Yay new one!
Gotta get art


Yeah twenty bi teen!



Please don’t flag as off-topic like somebody did when I got last post on the other topic
I mean seriously I drew the bow


another goosem
i can’t draw


I’ve never been so thankful for a plumbing issue but well here we are



bonus warm-up thing

he’s not mine he’s a friend’s

new day new year new drawing topic


Want to add yourself? Just ask!



Great job! Merry Christmas!


I made this new user card/profile bg thing