Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 18 [OFFICIAL]



Can i have your skills


Thanks lol
One closer step to loki yay (・᷄ᵌ・᷅)



Thank u for the confirmation

Im starting intense drawing training to prepare for my new art tablet and hopefully my first digital art is decent(•̩̩̩̩_•̩̩̩̩)

Im gonna go into shading next and then watercolor

So tired


Wait did everyone go to the private wb?

Some kind soul pls tag me


i dunno. i’m drawing on kleki now since i never got the new link.


@FearlessPhoenix could you tag me please


Me too uwu


hoping this won’t have to be clicked to view entire thing.

yay, it’s fully there!



You’ve always been cool!
Especially during that concert! :stuck_out_tongue:
And those drawings are really aesthetic!


You know how good you are at lighting? : )


ma’am if you don’t stop being cool I’m afraid I will have to arrest you for your flawlessness


Okay guys, I finally have somewhat of this “ART” that you all speak of…

First 2 are a comic, and final pic is art for a story I’m writing… Hopefully you can read it.

  • Yes I can read it.
  • Nope.

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not very good.

I mean I suppose one of my characters gives off a darker aura but my lighting sucks



(I was gonna say turtle but that’s probably wrong)





No it doesn’t! It’s awesome!


lol ok.

I’ll take the compliment I guess.


Okay, so, for the comic, the first panel Black Knight says “Can I have some? Pleeeaassseee?” and Masked Legendary is saying, “No Black Knight, get your own.”

On panel 2, (the panel where there are leaning in close,) Black Knight is saying, “give me that Hot choclate. NOW!”
And Masked Legendary is saying No.

On panel 3, Black Knight says, “I’ll get you to give me that hot choclate.”
And Masked Legendary said “And, how, may i ask, will you do THAT?”

Panel 4 is when Black Knight pulls out his sword and says, “simple.”

And finally 5, Masked Legendary says, Here. Take it, it’s yours." And BK replies, “Told ya it’d be simple.” And ML says, “You’re 6’3” and have a 2 foot sword. Everything is Simple."


And, for the little pictures, (left to right) the very left, ( or top, lol) is Baroness Anastasia von Whittenstroffe saying “I’ll be okay.” to Clementine. Middle is Masked Legendary disguised as a cop, jailbreaking Black Knight, and saying, “Howdy ya- I mean, Hi Black Knight.” And finally, right (or bottom,) is Masked Legendary’s civilian form, falling into Black Knights arms, tired and dehydrated from running excessively .