Drawing On Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, shaping, etc) Topic 16 [OFFICIAL]



smish here again permanently filling in for ll this is the new drawing topic you filled the last one up fast

don’t change the tags, topic title, or category unless I did it wrong which I probably did so pls fix it
and make good art

Hi! I’m CatsThatPaint
Drawings and requests and bleh (Blauedasher’s general topic)
Working on a deer plz tell me what you think
Hi uhhhh I’m really confused
ipad vs Paper issues
How do I use this

oooOoooo first art which is a post you have already seen


Thank you so much Smish for making a new topic

heres some drawings I’m working on

Edit: also first person other than the creator of the topic to post?? So first post-ish???


WoaH ok thank
You very much




Psst, hi we’re at topic 16 btw.

Also thanks for making this so quickly wow. That’s probably the fastest I’ve seen a new one go up :0

Also uhh, category is #collabs-requests-competitions
sorry for being a pain about this (> ~ <)


did i say 15?? woops

also thx
I don’t know how to use the forum basically at all sooo


You forgot the bananas tag.


LUCKY FIRST POSTO! I wanted to be here


Woah! So much can happen in a night.

Especially when someone decides to spam the DT cough cough @jonnygamer cough cough


I was gone for a few hours and suddenly there’s a new topic…

Wow, we’re going through the Drawing topics really quickly :000

It’s time to art


I really need to add different things to my whiteboard ‘of art’

Heh, photobombed by 2 of my props.

Actually 3 of my props, Kylo’s lightsaber is there too.


More progress

Goodnight/good morning y’all


WAY 2 beautiful :’D



So many drawing topics…ahhh


that looks great so far, but can I give a little comment on something that is bothering me about it?


I’m a nice person and when I do polls I go for the second option first so here’s Tenzay.


what is this

i am doing more weird stuff now idk


first art by someone that has the name sweater xd


YAs ItS HerE yay I must find art


Oooo a new topic!!! Exciting! I’ll post art later