Drawing on Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, Shaping, etc.) Topic 15 [OFFICIAL]



ik it’s smish not ll
but ll ain’t here and she asked me to make the topic for her

Don’t change the tags, topic title, or category and make good art :)

Kayro's GT | Episode IV: A New Post
Underfell Sans? I drew this on HS
pixel charge for my art
Heyo! Here's Some Of My Art! It's Been Awhile On Here! (A beautifully done gt)
I drew a cat-ish thing

“Impressive. Every word in that sentence is wrong” - Luke Skywalker


Danget kayro got first




did you tag omtl


Did i? I was trying to tag PinkCupcake8 and I think it auto carroted to the omtl


wip from last night


No, Mark Hamill got first.

Also yes I am evil that I edit my post wif art.


Ah but mark hamil is not your username


om jeez ilyour art


Oh yay new topic :slight_smile:
Can’t post any art run unfortunately I’m on my iPad ://

Who wants to see the first page and a half of a comic I’ve been working on :))


i do!!
cool and good



Here’s a thing I’m working on for @MarielShadowflower


Cover rough draft and the first page and a half of a comic I’m working on.
Sorry for bad photo quality and my messy handwriting


any critisism plox thanks


It’s really good as usual but all I have to say is that the left hand looks kinda weird but other than that it’s amazing! (also what’s plox?)


Beep bop
I know I posted this like twice already but
Yeah don’t steal and stuff




plox is kinda like “please” but a weird way


Wow that looks great! Love the lighting and the design.