Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 14 [OFFICIAL]



welp here it is whoever is keeping track of the title can u do the title and tags thanks

also after it is the title correctly and the bananas tag that i am too lazy to add, DONT EDIT THE TOPIC/TAGS/CATEGORY!!
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Two of my mermaid oc's I have many others
Moi art is here
Requests please only humans!
Mer's mEmerAl topic (GT)
Candy artists general topic!
The DTA (Draw To Adopt) topic
I am new to here
Anyone want an art request?
Random meringue drawing
W0ah some people replied // exy's gt
Hello Hopscotch Forum!

Also art


First post! Hi guys


oof first art ehh lol??
edit: nvm lol rip

TheDrawer's General Topic
TheDrawer's General Topic

not first ughh
But I tried


I changed it!


thanks for editing & helping ur lazy pal

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darn missed it ;))

happy new topic


heyyo new topic :000 waoh


i love this lil dood


p o p t a t o


So we can’t change it to #random-stuff?


should I post some art


Yess please


unless it needs to be

idk what category and how to do the title lol

anybody who knows how to can make it like the others


Yea m8


okaYY then brb :PP sdsfsffs


yesh you should lol
Meanwhile I’m here not improving since the last like 2-3 topics XD



i made it for the end of the topic but was late because i was snaking on some cheez-it’s :’0


Hello new topic :ooooo


I wish I could post art. I don’t have a good camera anymore, or access to our printer/fax machine/copy machine/scanner.