Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 14 [OFFICIAL]



Any ideas of what I should draw next??


The category we are keeping this topic in is #collabs-requests-competitions
I hope that works for everyone!

Also yeet new topic


Yay! Cool Lazy! This was made fast.


okay here’s a cringey lil drawing of earth-Chan. I’ve seen her all over Instagram and I needed to draw this kiddo :00O

tap for better quality. don’t tell me the frikin feet look weird. I can’t okay ??


Congrats on getting the last(ish) post!


ack, that’s amazing :0000


lol they’re beautiful :000 he’s mine


That’s great! I love the feet


gah tysm artsy :000 but it isnt


Technically it was the last post, but not the last OFFICIAL post.

But thx



Drawing styles meme PART 3

Wow! Your art always looks so clean and neat! Did you use medibang, or paper?


I think autumn leaves got the 10000 post, bellawaffelz got the post right before it closed, and you got the true last post


I found this video and I love it so much


What does she mean by “It’ll all die soon”? The Earth won’t be ending for another 50,000,000 years!


ah tysm !! I use Paper. I’m absolutely terrible at MediBang XPP


Already watching the topic!


good luck with that…


exactly :000 and since the earth has been here so long, it’s only a matter of time to her ;0 :DDD


now I wanna make an ask blog or something idk I don’t rlly have any ocs