Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 14 [OFFICIAL]



Because art.



can’t argue against that





waoh okay :000

thx dood



I would personally try to edit some of her facial features, 'cause as of now she could easily pass as a male if you just crop the face.

Can you make something look cute?


p p pp pss s sss s tt t

when I have access to a valid reference I’m editing this with a request ^^;;

if it’s okay to “reserve” XD

EDIT: @SweeTeaStuffz here’s a thing :0

This is my firstborn child;; her name is Caesia and she’s loosely based off of the element caesium. She may look unassuming, but that’s only because she’s encased in argon gas - this is the only thing keeping her from spontaneous combustion, and it requires an immense amount of concentration to maintain. It goes without saying that she’s either very destructive, willing to fight literally everyone (including herself XD), or completely void of emotion. Here’s a ref:

thank you?? I’m in a very emoticon mood today :D

#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]

Nice!! It’s rlly good

However I would recommend making your poses a little more, , fluid and alive?? Y’know??

Somethin like



The dark area that looks like a mustache was supposed to be her lips, but the colored pencil smeared the graphite.


I can’t draw at those angles. At all.


Well then wouldn’t right now be nice time to change that? I wouldn’t be able to do those angles six months ago, yet here I am now…

Practice is all you need.


The only thing I have to help is a posable manikin, and it’s feet came off.


You can’t forget the internet either, that’s a really good tool for gestures…


Oh come on
I just spent 20 minutes drawing you a reference sheet to try and be helpful and you completely disregard it?
I couldn’t draw those either 2 moths ago but hey!! I drew them!! They’re not the best but they are something
You have to practice and go beyond your comfort zone if you ever want to improve. Otherwise, you will not improve at all.


It helps to visualise things in your head too. It can really help your imagination grow — and I know that you definitely have a great enough mind for that :)

It’ll really help you in the future~

PS. Please don’t disregard Pk8’s work. She’s really only trying to help, maybe use them as references or something?


I couldn’t draw the gun at those angles. Also, how do you draw something that’s spinning really fast, and has multiple things on the front?


Try with basic shapes first, like a large circle for the barrel then some other geometric shape for the spinny-things - in front view


A rectangle/ triangle


It’s 8 barrels on one spinner.


Add speed lines if you wanna get movement, you know like in comics?


I need it to look realistic.


That, , wasn’t, , the point, ,

You could probably draw the gun if you worked hard and practiced!! I literally have sketchbooks full of tiny doodles where I try to figure out how to draw things, that i find rly helpful, maybe you could try something like that too? :)
Or of course you could find your own way to practice! Everyone learns differently