Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



Huh, coolio.


Well might as well post art


  • Marker
  • Coloredpencil

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AAAAAHHH, they are both so amazing! The blending in the marker is smoother though. Are you gonna make that trail art?


In a long time…
But thank you!!!
I just like the colored pencil cause it looks more… earthy
Thanks for choosing the name


You know I already love the marker one


You’re welcome.

I like the marker just bc it looks so…aesthetic


They are both great TEACH ME YOUR WAYS


So you get a chameleon pen
And you get a Prismacolor colored pencil


Haha if only it was that simple…you’ve got a gift you know it :slight_smile:


Yep, and I like using it


And I like seeing the outcome


Please grammar better


ooh thx for all the likes kiddos :000


So I’m FaceTiming my friend Starli and I’m Just making dying noises 90 percent of the time while she reads a book aloud to me


mkay that was like a week ago what


That moment when you become slightly less inactive, and then realize the progress in everyone’s art…

Just why?


ahh dood your art is still beautiful

unlike mine


@SweeTeaStuffz I just got MediBang

and I feel


im scared



more art

idk which I like better (I made this in like 10 mins while the other an hour)


Self portrait doodle for practice~ Any constructive criticism?

Sorry for bad lighting