Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



DOes anyone know really good paper for pencil colored pencil and marker


yeah, I know

it’s hard to blend with out a blender and I gave up


what pm said, yeah


A colorless blender isn’t supposed to blend actually
It’s supposed to lighten colors and push ink back
It doesn’t blend WHY
You just gotta mix your colors one by one together


Mixed media??? idk it’s for a bunch of stuff so


@Artistic_cat @photographer123
Ahhhhh tysmmmmmm!!!


well yeah

most of the time it does that

and yeah

again, I’m lazy and I had already been tired


copics are pretty expensive anywhere :,)

wait 60$??? I spent 50$ for the 72 set last year T_T


I don’t color much but crayola works better for me than most colored pencils. XD


Wow where’ve you been they are 22 dollars on amazon rn


I want the 72 set sooo bad


I might be wrong about this
but I thought a white pencil blended and made things lighter
while a colorless blender just spread the color in the white spaces of the paper? Idk it may be the same thing lol


Do you get ciao or sketch


ahh I really want copic ciaos :000


You’re right on the pencil
Colorless blenders dont really do that they make colors lighter…


it was a year ago or two?? Can’t remember whoops
and on amazon too
and the 150 set was like 170$


ME Too

Skin tones, especially…


Wow something must’ve happpened then


I’ve got copic sketch skin tone (6)
and a 24 set of copic ciao


ITs like, I already have some chameleons, and then I want more markers, like copics??? Uhhh