Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



Oh you’re art has really progressed SF!!


same here lol

what brand dodo ??

I have a $50 amzon gift card

and I need m a r k e r s


They are called touchnew markers
Fine tip and chisel tip
35 dollars on amazon for 80


SO…Yeah!! Perfectly budget friendly


ooh snazzy. :000 thx dood


No problem!!
For traditional art, what do you like to use for coloring?


That’s really good tea


It’s good, maybe take some more time to B L E N D


lol I’m so cheap

I use colored pencils

crayola colored pencils



Prismacolor color pencils lol
Crayola is the og though
I love prismas


like I said

I’m too cheap to blow $70+ on colored pencils

when I already su ck at using them


I use crayola…but I don’t draw a lot


Takes practice
Thank you amazon for selling art things so cheap


Sorry it took so long lol~ I hope you like it!


your art is so cute :000

the style is so aesthetic + cute + advanced ahhh


Most of the time I also use crayola. XD


I used prismacolors and they’re pretty expensive (not comparing them to Faber Castell or copics)
but I remember during Black Friday, on amazon the 150 set of prismas were 45$
I didn’t buy them bc I wasn’t broke at the time but
usually you can get many nice art supplies for less

and I got my skin tone copics for 1/2 off at micheals because they have coupons sometimes


ack, that’s amazing ;u;


crayola is perfect


Now they’re like 60 but amazon got good prices though
And michaels sells copics pretty expensive…