Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



Bwibdeidbejdehsb I only have 11 copics you have like 9999999


what no I can’t afford copics

I have n o n e

but I do have 80 other brand markers


Oh wow cuz those looked like copics in ur bag lololololo


fabric markers and paint markers are actually awesome

I love them now




first marker art


I guess

throws into universe

oops sideways

you can see the part on the skin where it smeared an I’d covered it up with somethingy


can u allow me to try and remake this in my style?


woahh this is so pretty


I love drawing with markers for some reason, your’s looks really good!



thanks you

but it’s all smearey and ew


ahh well thank <3


it’s really nice
the shadings really good


I’m waiting for someone to realize that I spelled sketchbook wrong and covered it up by being stupid


ahh well I’ll take the compliment thanks you sm <33

it’s really hard to do skin with markers, I struggled


and here

a beuful bad sphere


Haiiiyooo Maltese!!! Haiiyooo everyoneee I wont be speaking a lot…


hi :upside_down_face: do u need drawing advice or smth why r u here lol


noo ii just like seeing drawings
i can show u one of my drawings



yeah of course!! I’d be honored lol


thanks!! ill try to finish it but idk