Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



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I have taken on a government contract and your art trades will be slightly delayed
Finished yours just havent posted it yet


Ok so umm I don’t know how To draw bangs.

Can someone show me how to?


Can I see an example of your current method of drawing bangs, so that I can give constructive criticism?


I don’t know how. I never do them. I only sweep the front hair to the sides.

So can’t really give an example sry


Alright, I’ll put together something quick


This is for a more cartoon version, I’m not wonderful at realistic bangs :P

Oh, I forgot to write in, it’s easier to sketch out where you want the rest of the hair, so that you can see where the bangs would be in comparison.

EDIT: sorry about my horrible handwriting


Separate the front of the hair and the hair starting from the top of the head.


thanks! This is really helpful! Thank u! I think ur handwriting is good too. (Its better than mine)


Thank you! If you need anything else, I can try my best to help


So, I know it’s kinda…well, bad, but this is honestly the best piece of artwork I’ve ever done without anyone telling me how to draw it:

Ignore all the places where I erased. And yes, since I can’t draw eyes, I kinda tried something like the eyes in the old PhotoStyleTM


I’m kinda busy right now and I’m not sure if this helps
but I draw the bangs curved and longer framing the sides of the face, and a bit shorter and the lines straightening more in the middle

I’ll draw an example later if you are interested


You do a ponytail better than I’ll ever do…


Aw, tysm! But you can at least draw arms that don’t look like noodles XD


lol i dont take sketching seriously anymore

wait what 29 likes wha t


if anyone is taking requests can someone draw this and tag me?



You should enter my story contest! It’s in my “Story on the Forum” topic.


I found this terrible comic I made a year ago so I decided to lazily redraw it.

Honestly this is how I feel about the original comic.


You should try entering my story contest! It’s in my “Story on the Forum” topic.


Wow, you’ve become so much better at drawing since I last visited your profile!


When did you last check it?