Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



Yay friends that I can just talk about nothing but kpop to! Yeah let’s gbot


Also @ColorlessCanvas you gave me a request a few weeks ago and I never?? did it?? I’m so sorry! I was really excited that you requested something from me but you know I got lost in the bottomless pit of homework, exams, and despair. I’ll work on it soon!


Art is Cat I finished ur random cat… (yes I am making a collage)


Amazing :clap::clap:


Wowza…that’s good. I like it.
Is that supposed to be you? If so, it turned out a lot better than me trying to draw you


No I don’t have GREEN eyes


I know…but the hair and shirt looks kinda like you…idk. Wait, I’ve never even seen you XD.
But there are Asians with blue and green eyes…


ahh @Elemental_Cat you gave this request to someone else but I really liked it so I drew it and I really like how it turned out so here ya go I guess this is sorta like a gift in return from when you drew my cloud child but here :000 okay


constructive critics?. tap for better quality etc

hope you like it :DDD


I am gonna draw some more meme stuff soon tho

maybe even do u no da weeeeyyy


Well, I’ve been super busy lately, and not much time to draw. I’ll probably be gone for a little while as a break, and maybe come back when things slow down a little more. I just haven’t had time to post stuff, and I haven’t been sketching much. So, see ya some time. I may check in every once in a while, but probably won’t post for a while.


no worries!!
we all get stressed with school
don’t worry about it ((:


ahhh hecc I love your style dood :000


Idk just bored so I drew this pls rate


Some more doodles on my schools whiteboard table ://


11 out of 10


the boy could be named brandon


When I look at that beautiful lined piece of yours


Ohh that coolll
Am I the only one that didnt read that as click


Art from when I started at the forum

Your eyes will blleed