Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



hhhhhhhhhhh im making a new art style


He he…


I did a sketch of the tic-tac on my table that I forgot about why did I do that


I’m using MediBang at the moment . . .


I kinda like it . . .


Hmmm…the colors are interesting
Other wise really nice!

EDIT: Also you seem to draw her in that pose a lot, you should try something new


It’ll look a lot better once you finish the face and arms.


Soooo, what should I draw?

  • A fairy off of themed selection
  • Requests
  • Sqirts
  • My half chicken, half snake guys
  • A picture of all of the above

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Once 5 to 10 people vote, I’ll draw!


This is my baby child… meet one of my Oc’s Charlie!

c[quote=“LazyLizard, post:1, topic:38963, full:true”]
I know, this is a WIP, but just tell me what u think so far?


Oh shoot, that quote is not supposed to be there…


It totally is.


No matter what you think. That’s a guy.
Nothin but concept art.


I shall do a fairy! What theme?
Edit: Anyone who wants to pick a theme can. :slight_smile:


Doodle for winding down even though I hate my art.


G1 Seekers doodle


Why did people like this. You could like anything drawn by someone with talent. But no—


ahhhhHHHHhh @SweeTeaStuffz
what is tHiS

ahhhh tysm ily <333


Hey there.

Here’s some art.
It’s been so long…


Ok so uh for fun I’m going to try that expression thingy like what @YogiLC did

So yeah give me a coordinate and a character from Hamilton or Star Wars or even an OC (maybe?? Idk we’ll see) and I’ll sketch it
I can do multiple too, no more than 5 at a time tho pls

This chart was actually used by @we2fd_the_cat on FrameCast so credit to her and the original artist :3


ahhhh Is that my lil dood Connie ;0; agshshsgatfebs

that’s amazing oh my god wow I love your style