Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



Here is the finished product of the sketch I posted earlier! This has some themes to it, so once again I am willing to put this into details or spoilers if you give me a heads up.

Constructive criticism welcome!

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Well the only things I can find wrong are:

A: perspective, it’s really off


B: those handss

Other then that amazing ;DD


Woah . . . The hair is amazing!!!

What app did you use??? @TappymLP


I think I know where the perspective issue stems from: my lack of knowledge around composition. Tbh I really need to learn how to do perspective — like I know when it’s wrong but I just don’t know how to fix it?? Thanks though, I think it has to do with scale and the angle the benches are at.

Gah! Hands, my mortal enemies! -^-
There isn’t much to be said…

@Dolphin_coders Thanks, I really hoped the hair wasn’t too much (´ヮ`)

Also, the program I used was Medibang. Usually I use Procreate but as of late it had been crashing a lot for me…


There’s too much empty space left undrawn, and the perspective is off by quite a bit. If you wanna make sure that does not happen, use a 3d grid guideline thing (I think you can look one up online) or I can show you one myself…

There’s still too much empty space though…


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Don’t know wy the hair looks pink. It’s suposed to be brown.


Woah s That s is s so s good.




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I wana make a tag list for me art. Would anyone like to join said tag list?


I would!


I would absolutely love to join your tag list, if you wouldn’t mind.


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That isn’t the brother of Judas is it? Lel yaygirls probably still pushin the ship!


Thanks for the advice. I keep having problems of knowing there’s something wrong but not knowing how to fix them — do you have any suggestions?

And also, is this what you mean by grid guideline?


Finally didgitalized my PFP!


When I feel something is off, what I usually do is erase the part that is off and redo it until it isn’t anymore (this part is actually the longest of my illustration-making process, it can take me a day or more to complete sometimes) or if I don’t know which part it is then I start to erase random parts and undo them if they look fine until I find the part that is off.

What you could also do, is to look at references of how the thing you’re looking for is drawn correctly and base yours off of that.

That grid will definitely work.


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