Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



hehe the secret is, I don’t do it. ;O;
ahhh why wow


Anyone want to see my HORRIBLE old art from tHiS YeAR AnD LaST?


That’s what I was thinking idgfuafdss


@photographer123 @Artistic_cat that’s it I’m drawing modern Maria in a similar outfit
I’ll still be on here as well tho


ahhhHh no it’ll be too amazing I won’t be able to take it




Mkay this is insanely horrible art from the past

I thought these were good?!? I mean, the two that are colored are super disproportionate, and my cartoon style was so bad.

Sorry for long post


Have I improved?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Somewhat
  • Yes sooo much
  • Other (reply)

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Ahh the second to last pic is cute tho!


Thanks!! That’s the only good one up there. XP


It looks like you mixed photo’s style with your face proportions. They’re really good, nice job!


I need that Photo edit…that’s really good. The eyes remind me a lot of Photo style


I may take one, if you have one. It just won’t get done until the weekend and most likely done on paper and pencil.


Modern Shadow?
Idk. Was gonna do a new disguise but meh.

Do I tag Pink meh @PinkCupcake8

don’t read this if you don’t live in Southern California

I know this is random but for anyone who is in southern California at the moment, please be wary about the location you are at and the fire near you.

Also here’s a doodle so I don’t get flagged

Also, yeah
Just for anyone who is in California, plz be careful, many thanks
-best to have everything necessary ready



Ahh that’s really amazing Kay :0 I need to draw modern Shadow later



u don’t have to. Also I’m not sure this is finished product but I found where she put her daggers! (Swords). In her boots! (Wut? Yeah that was original place for them)


I really want to!! I will after I finish my modern Maria drawing
Boots are good hiding places for swords and weapons


I keep mine in a smartwatch on my wrist!


Mine is actually generated by the watch. It projects a hologram, then turns the light into matter. Then turns the gun into nothing when I let go of the handle.