Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



looks cute! It’s really cool so far


how? Do you create masterpeice’s on that app?? @ColorlessCanvas


I wish I could could create masterpieces
but when you learn to use the brushes it’s a lot of fun

drawing on my phone is so hard gaH


I will draw you meeting me!
show your OC or your just tell me to just draw you as your profile :)
:000 credit to @Healeybot1 for the inspiration!



Lol as you can see they never taught typing
Or spelling

Or maybe I didn’t learn anything


Can you draw me? Either as a bear or as a person (if person I’ll give specifics)



I have the most unhealthy sleep schedule as well lol


@Autumn_Leaves, it only took 3 days alright here is the pfp request thing, you might wanna crop it but I could do it too if you like…

I actually had this nearly finished yesterday, but procrastination.


uh you can either use my profile

a girl with short dark brown straight hair, and dimples when she smiles. Gray almond eyes and arched eyebrows. She is wearing a striped t-shirt dress and a dusty green-gray jacket and ankle boots. She has layered gold necklaces and a ring on her middle finger of her left hand.
She usually has a lollipop with her


Thank you!! It looks great! I’ll set it as my pfp and give credit on my bio! :333


A new oc Maggie! She is a magician.

Autumn’s cringe art tag list

When you are tagged, feel free to give constructive criticism!










Tell me if you want to be added!

Ugh I ha.te my style. I want a sophisticated style but all I can do is “cute and chubby.”


Maybe a style like mine?


Autumn can I be in your tag list?
It looks pretty cool and I really like your art.


Not like your art exactly, but more of a sophisticated cartoon style.

Ok I’ll add you! Thanks! :333


I did some doodles in photos style

raahhh theyre bad XD


ahhhHh those
are too cute wHY
they look better than how actually draw ahhh


arGHHHHHHhhh are you fRikiN KiDDinG me.
my drawing won’t posttttttttttt



Is that for Fizzy’s dta? It looks great by the way! :333

Edit: I can see that it says fizzy 27 at the bottom ://////


it kinds looks like a modern Maria sdfsdf


ya, it is. Lol tysm frenpai!! ;3