Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



I will never draw drawings that come out clean as yours and many others’
Btw can you add me to your tag list?


Who needs sleep when you have comics to binge on
Although it’s shameful enough I’m only in seventh grade


@TappymLP, I’d love to join your tag list! Your art is amazing ^^
Thanks in advance!


Thank you for the complement, your drawings are clean tho >:0
I’m happy to add you to my tagging, too.

@Madsie05 , thank you! I can add you or my tag list, as well. (´▽`)


thank you so much! i really appreciate it. <3 <3


you’re welcome :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


Warning: Today I am going to draw up what I think truly happens on Christmas, and the creature behind it. (Art to be posted soon)
Edit: I am also making a digital version of my profile picture, but sadly I’ve been ground from non-schoolwork related computer stuff. : P


Is it wierd that my school announced this in the morning?


sleep not required, more of a luxury


8-9 hours?
there’s probably no one that gets that much sleep in my grade
i just realized how unhealthy my sleep scedule is


So, everyone at sometime founds out that these fiction people aren’t real. So I present to you something new!


Also, don’t do the grass with watercolor.


Why can’t you paint grass with watercolor? I can think of three solid techniques of painting grass.


Because the grass on the pavement looks clear, and it’s not realistic.


@Healeybot1 @Dude73 @MyPizza I’d call it more moss. It looks more like moss than grass to me.


You can make realistic grass with watercolor, by layering the colors. You take at least 3 different colors of green, a black, and a light color. You start with the light, and then you work darker and add dimension. It’s a lot easier to paint grass using very small paintbrushes, and take a lot of time to do it. But yes, it is very possible.


Well it’s a watercolour painting so Id rather not do the grass with a different medium but I’ll probably try this when painting in the future


ahhh aksjjskakak it looks so lovely :0

it’s a shame that i removed mines mine awhile ago before i saw this haha

imma be going i’m busy lol, so if you reply, you’ll probably have an answer after a week?? i’m sorry! ;-;


Status update, still can’t shade
But I’m loving the color pallet


I am making Le progress

Everything is supposed to be out of proportion
Credit to @SweeTeaStuffz @ColorlessCanvas