Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



Well at least she doesn’t carry grenades


Well then yeah, art’s like a mix of chibi and cartoon? I mostly like it because it down at actually take a million years to color, and is simple or hopefully recognizable :)))

I love saturated colors, and I never use any bright colors, though I ought to use them more when designing my OCs I guess??? sorry I didn’t get what you meant earlier XD


Yep. She doesn’t have any of those. Only a few blasters ande a couple daggers. What could go wrong.


There’s gotta be a pun here somewhere.


shhhh don’t tell my sis
I took another squid selfie…
We are going to school!

edit: she doesn’t actually look like that, I feel like she won’t like my posts anymore…:’((


Commander Spy runs in and eats the fire, then saps the control panel and runs off.


This is a sketch I’m working on… uhh there are some heavy themes in here so if you guys don’t like it I’d be okay to put it in details or something

This is actually art from a fanfic but I won’t link it bc it has heavy themes (once again). If you do want it, come ask on my GT

Constructive criticism welcome!

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Beautiful ;0; thank you for drawing it XD
It reminds me of that one dog at the cafe in the middle of the fire picture?? Y’know the one??


this is for a story my friend is…creating?


im love…,.,. i never knew this stuff about you i appreciate u posting this :heart:


Here ya go-
Done in firealpaca


Anyone have advice on how to paint more realistic grass?
Here’s what I have right now but the grass is just bothering me like it isn’t the same style as the rest of the painting.


woah it looks pretty realistic to me
u dont have to take my advice, but using a thin small brush to create grass strands might help


Do shading. Especially on the water. The water needs to have sparkly reflected light.


For seeing your style of shading being such like block shading with a watercolour edge I’d say don’t do the grass strand by strand. Rather, doing a rough texture would fit the price better. Otherwise, the painting is beautiful!

Btw, I really like how you added the moss between the tile’s it was a really nice touch ;)


Thanks for the tips! I’ll try some things but hopefully the paper doesn’t get warped to much!


Also, currently the lines in the painting is in pencil. Should I outline them with something bolder?


Outlining the whole thing may take away from the look of the painting, so for shadows and if there’s crevices you can outline some of them to create depth


btw I finished your request for the AT
I’ll post it tomorrow ;v;


Poll that goes along with my theme of drawing for tomorrow.
When you were younger/now, did you believe in…

  • Santa
  • The tooth fairy
  • The Easter Bunny
  • None of these

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