Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]



a few ideas:

. human-pangolin crossover/cosplay

. base a character around an element from the periodic table

. merpeople. are fun to draw

. take some math symbols and try to draw a body. the resulting odd proportions are unique to the character

or if you were looking for a specific design

gender: female
hair: pale strawberry-blonde; messy side bangs; done in a fairly elaborate braided style of your choosing
skin tone: soupr pale; here would be nice to add that she is elvish
eyes: hazel; with a laughing quality
general outfit: forest-green sleeveless tunic-dress with much golden ornamentation; such golden ornaments also exist as jewelry on the neck and arms; peacock-feather earrings
general-vibe: mischievous; that beautiful mysterious aura that surrounds mythical humanoids

If you’re surprised by the detail, I’ll only say that characters usually are such :D


Hold up I gtg to school I will edit this into a thing in like eight hours

I’m in a requesting mood I guess XD


Hey could I draw her?
She looks interesting.


Can you please draw me? How can I do it?


Sure! (She also my prp If u need more reference ask me! Or Pinkcupcake8 if I’m not on)


That’s her OC Shadow.


Yeah I know.
That’s why I ask for permission first.


And u can draw her! You has my permission. Mwoyhoyhoyhoy. (Everyone loves my character it’s weird)


I am not in love with her.

I just wanna draw her. 0-0


I know u aren’t in love with her. It’s just everyone wants to draw her after they see her. Usually. I’m not even lying. (Autumn, Pink, Healeybot, yaygirls, and a few others)

It fine if you don’t want to draw her.



Maybe I don’t want to draw her…


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ~
And jealousy too.

Bad spelling included :+1:


Who’s that one with complete heterochromia and no shading?


And why are the legs of that one girl cut off? XD


I don’t know what a heterochromia Is.

His name is Shei.


Actually that’s a boy.

And because I’m lazy. X3


Heterochromia is when both eyes are different colors from each other.


Oh that makes sense.



It’s a genetic disorder that doesn’t really effect your health in any way.



He wasn’t born with it though.
It was from a necklace…

Makes perfect sense don’t ‘cha think?