Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc) Topic 12 [OFFICIAL]



wOOOOWWW THATS AMAZING GLAMMY!! WELL DONE! C’est tres tres bien :+1:


Oh my gosh! That is so amazing! You are so good that you could be making cartoons


@glam_unicorn I am making that my wallpaper!


Omg really! Thankyou! It’s such a honor!


TYSM! I’m glad you like it =DDD


My iPad did a horrible job of resizing it… Whatever

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Ahhhhhh wow I thought you were joking when you said that… YOU ACTUALLY MEANT IT


It is wayyy better than my previous background (all black)


Thanks! It means a lot to me when people do those kind of things… MY HEART IS MELTING INTO A PUDDLE OF HAPPINESSS


Do you take requests?


Yes! I will be glad to draw you something! (i dont do animals)


Finally someone made the lighting match! Really great job there, I definitely wasn’t expecting this at all…


Thank you! The one that you drew for Sweetea was pretty awesome too =D


facepalms so THATS why the lighting on mine looked so weird hnnngggg


Oh, yeah… I just dimmed the lighting a little


Thanks! I usually don’t see many people dim their drawings in any way, so yeah…


Happy Birthday @Artistic_cat! I hope you had a great day! ・:*+.(( °ω° ))/.:+

I was experimenting with the colouring, sorry if it looks weird!


A Halloween OC, Arachne
I’m happy for anyone to use her, so long as it is appropriate :)
If you have any suggestions on her design/ character feel free to add!


Ok, thanks! If you are too busy, you don’t have to do it!


She got turned into a spider after Athena cursed her!