Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Official 3)



EDIT: Guys, no more messing with the tags. Please keep the “bananas” tag.
This the OFFICIAL Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad topic. I made this so that I can more closely moderate the posts that go on, so it doesn’t turn into a big off topic mess. Remember, posts have to be related to art, whether it is posting your Ipad/paper art or commenting on someone elses. If the topic gets off topic or gets closed due to valid flags, it will stay closed.

And the golden rule: Be nice! No hate on people’s art, although constructive criticism is allowed if the artist wants it.

So, for the uninitiated, this is a topic where you post your art both IRL and on Hopscotch and the Ipad in general. Let’s have some fun with it!
Draw away!

Note: This is the third version, because the last one got closed. Happy drawin! :smiley:
woahhhh it’s wiki

Ps: First
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Rejoice, commoners.

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My real life drawings
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Share yo drawings here!
Share yo drawings here!
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Like, anyone? This is my epic drawing step by step
Like, anyone? This is my epic drawing step by step
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Post Your Drawings Here!
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I'm new to the forum! 😜
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Hello I'm new 🤓🤓🤓🤓
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|| Art Piece (˶◕‿◡˶✿) ||
|| Art Piece (˶◕‿◡˶✿) ||
|| Art Piece (˶◕‿◡˶✿) ||

PPS: First again


Hi, new drawing topic :D




I posted third!!!! Yeet!

#Very Bad Accomplishment


Not even a month.

Is that an accomplishment? XD


6th yay




Yay, 7th reply!


Soo.... anyone have any art? XD


I quit.


ur profile pic is art




Sorry for the horrible quality, but first art!


Why should I give you art?


Because art is the medium through which we experience emotion without in depth experiences?
Idk, it's fun. Why not?


Why should you be here if your not posting art n compalinf


Here is some art!

Yes, second art posted!


I tried to be the last reply and tried to make the new topic.
(This mood will probably go away tommorow.)


dat grammar doe


No, we all just want to be the first out of a future 10000 posts on this topic. XD

And yes, PT is right. Your profile pic is a master stroke of art.


Here is some art I have done!