Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) [Done fighting and retired]



This the OFFICIAL Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad topic. I made this so that I can more closely moderate the posts that go on, so it doesn’t turn into a big off topic mess. Remember, posts have to be related to art, whether it is posting your Ipad/paper art or commenting on someone elses. If the topic gets off topic or gets closed due to valid flags, it will stay closed.

And the golden rule: Be nice! No hate on people’s art, although constructive criticism is allowed if the artist wants it.

So, for the uninitiated, this is a topic where you post your art both IRL and on Hopscotch and the Ipad in general. Let’s have some fun with it!
Draw away!

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I want some opinions about my art!
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May the drawings begin





Yay! I'm glad there is finally a nicely controlled topic.


That's enough uploading for the next 10 years



We got this guise

Yeah art


That's really cool! :D
Your art style is really awesome! :D :D :D


How’s my latest art style?
Edit under for criticism and compliments (if you have any :stuck_out_tongue: )

cracks knuckles
The drawing of Melanie that you did was awesome, I just felt the eyes were a bit too big for the face. (That’s all I can remember, my wifi is betraying me so all I see is bird currently XD)
For your project about requests, I felt like the head to body proportions could be better :D
But your new style is great and I love it!

I love it! It’s different! I think maybe add more color (especially in the skin)? I think it’s pretty cool though, leaving the skin color white. Your latest drawing is AMAZING! I love the details you put in your drawings! I love it!


I love your style of drawing it looks AWESOME. Everything looks realistic. Great job!!!


Really? :0
Thanks! Your art is awesome too!
All your art is super kawaii and cute :3


Pretty soon ima do a collage of all my styles, you guys will puke when you see my oldest ones XD


Thank you! :D

I can remember... Some drawings, that aren't exactly Kawaii and cute. XD
Old drawings, I like drawing more happy things now. :D


Here's a drawing I did of what I thought a modern day snow white would look like.


Today is line art day for me apparently..
Anyways, here:


Random drawings...


I just started drawing this..i don't like how the hair is turning out out and her eyes look kind of demented right now :see_no_evil::grimacing: Hopefully it will turn out better when im finished...XD

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Official 3)

The stick figure is saying: What am I doing here?


I'm in Star Wars mode.. >//<
Here is Baby Leia