Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



No. Just no. [FYI this better not be flagged. 5 flags is enough]
@HopscotchRemixer calling this fun is ridiculous. I take it you’re having fun flagging me all day. I had fun muting you.

Anyways when I saw the forum first I saw many different types of arts and compared them. I like paper art, but seeing some of the amazing iPad art inspired me too. It’s a self - comparison your mind makes without you knowing it.

The art topic is amazing and there’s no need to change such minor details.


Many topic names can be misleading.
Nearly everyone on the forum knows what to do on that topic and we can tell new users what to do. Changing the name isn’t necessary.


like :joy: nobody cares


Yeah I can imagine that XD
Sure, it isn’t much but it is a simple change


soooo then why do you care so much


Yeah but at least it is relevant, and there is no false advertising XD.
Just rename the next topic


Because it is an easy change


you literally just read the thoughts right out of my head

i made the topic in october of the dinosaur age(the 1st one I think) and it was meant for

  1. drawing pads
  2. people getting attention for their artistic abilities
  3. people to express art and generate more ideas

and i am too lazy to name the rest so here y’all go


wow FaLsE aDvErTiSiNg
oh no what are we gonna do, get sued


So… if you could change the title, what would you change it to?


uh wait i’ve never flagged you, uh never even talked to u, (r u talking to me abt flagging or Hopscotchremixer?) i’m like really confused by what u just said


I’m just gonna say that it’s kind of hilarious that you guys care about the heckin’ name of a topic this much

this goes for both sides


the topic’s name has been the same for thirteen topics, two years

it’s tradition


Ummm I am pretty sure you are taking this the wrong way.

  1. I didn’t flag you
    2.This is a debate
    3.Plz don’t mute me friend I didn’t really do anything inappropriate or wrong


wOw we’RE chilDREn whO are beinG misLeadinG witH a toPic namE


Not you. I was talking to HopscotchRemixer. Sorry about that, I accidentally replied to you.


Traditions can be broken


oH nO i dOnT wAnNa GeT fLaGgEd


this one doesn’t want to be


oh lol it’s okay XD