Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



It’s a popular meme it’s not supposed to b mean it just pokes fun at Christian stereotypes




Bye have a good day/night XD


it just to me sounded it like it was making fun of us… idk… its ok tho


it’s been quiet for 10 min now it’s a new record


ikr XD


what has this topic become


it’s like that at first but really us Christians aren’t really like that

just recently people have associated our religion with lame things and made us look like we had no life


yeah trueeee they do think we r like that XD


We’ve been using the same title for over two years. Everyone knows. Quit whining and get used to it.

BlastFusion Coding Topic

^^^^^^^^^^^ look there^^^^^^^


Well thank you.



Sorry, thanks for enjoying my projects but I feel like it could have been discussed on the topic itself
I am such a hypocrite I am so sorry. I will make it up to you @Madsie05


I was thinking of just discussing it on the topic but since the topic has been changing categories a lot recently, I thought just to keep it simple, I’d make another topic so everyone could access it.

If that makes sense

it’s okie kiddo hugs


Oh ok, now I understand


What is going on? What’s the drawing on paper topic? Also how to use the set trail color\width blockz?


Out of likes… still
Hello, welcome to the forum!
You… well, can post drawings in drawing topic.

To use Set Trail Color/Width, you need put them in another block - Leave a Trail. They can help to change the previous line width or color.


The drawing topic was recently moved to another category (by idk who) so everyone has access to it now if you haven’t noticed.


Oops. Design, Colors and Sound? hm


Why is this flagged?