Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



I will just say that a middle school in my district’s initials are CMS and I heard someone say they stand for “Christian minecraft server”


omg a school in a district close to mine is cms too

and there are actually NICE people there omg


oh my god

at one of my art classs a guy cracked a feminist joke and I fell on the ground and I couldn’t get up and everyone was staring at me


Out of likes for 10 hours RIP


unfortunately you’re nc and I’m mn


There will be no swearing on my Christian server :joy:




Or my Jewish Roblox server :joy:


wait guys do we have to make fun of christians


No. Just, off topic…


haha lol

my friend actually has a Christian Minecraft server and the whole grade plays on it and it’s not a good representation of Christianity bc of some suggestive sculptures


Or that :joy:

What has this topic come to. XD


No we aren’t making fun, it is just a minecraft joke






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Now create it but say “hold your flags” otherwise it will be closed right away


ok you asked for likes ill give you a bunch


I have to go actually bye