Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



And there u have it


Wow. A debate about whether not we should change a title of a topic.


Yes that would be great. Thank you again in advance. I hope you guys enjoyed this legendary landmark. Next year, on January 9th let’s celebrate this arguement


244 posts long and counting


mark it on your calendar people


I know right. I made a complete joke of myself


I’m confused as to why this is so popular


i might XD lol jk jk jk


It’s definitely a date to remember


So sorry pal!


I will do something…hopefully if I don’t forget


whoop deleted it

edit this for tags when drawing is done


Whatever, I like to see people’s opinions


You are going to remember on Jan 10, 2019


We’ll start a similar debate such as should we postpone the posting of the drawing topic due to an incorrect title

@yaygirls a 250+ debate no less


it’s okay


i need to get tears injected into my eyes bc i have been crying this whole time in a good way :joy:


i wanna be in this lmao


Actually it’s January 9th


we’re all gonna be penniless over a title y’all