Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



isnt that basically the same thing tho


Oooh I want to! Thanks so much in advance


I still like you, we are still friends




If @LazyLizard doesn’t want to change it (idk if she does or not) there’s literally no reason to argue abt this


uhh a lot of ppl still
like u XD
nobody will remember this in a month


I become popular by being controversial, what a great idea! Looks at this topic, oh


that’s awesome
people like you
they just don’t like your opinion


welp sorry i like his opinion and other ppl do too.


nobody will remember this in a month

I know right
This will go down as a ahem landmark for January '18 that only we will understand


Ah! They burnssss!!


that’s great I don’t really care


i do not want to change it at all


BOOM! We don’t need to argue! Goodnight kids!


Ok then, case closed.


@HopscotchRemixer can I pls draw you in a MAGA hat but it says “make the drawing topic great again”


A worldwide issue that governments need to discuss… change a title of a drawing topic.


You could have said that this whole time. But no, we had to have a debate, I am sueing!




im dying this is hilarious