Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



I don’t mean to b rude I’m just internally laughing Because this is such a weird request


I don’t care about popularity(if I did I would be really bad a topic it)
In fact you are making this an un fun conversation. And didn’t you say you were going to leave? I am sorry I don’t want to be rude to you but you are falsely accusing me. As soon as you find proof I flagged you I will leave the forum


yo guys who wants to be in my crude drawing of this event

it’s not going to be detailed

bubble people


I can tell. Who else would? He even logged onto his other account.


Should we lounge thiss??


sorta rude but okayyy


and its toned down
before it was segregated drawing topics for people who draw digital and those who draw on paper


No flame wars now…:fire:


so y r u blaming him for flagging u
just forget that


212 posts in an hour guys omg


Well they don’t need to be segregated
Why is this topic getting replies faster than Photos new GT which got 3,000 replies on like 3 days


hey i think @HopscotchRemixer found out how to be popular on a kids coding forum @Sensei_Coder


What an oxymoron


why am I tagged here


wow same
let me create a topic making something controversial that wasn’t before


Actually I still have a lot of haters and nobody likes me anymore so yeah😜



i would be truly honored


Nobody doesn’t like you anymore we’re just arguing over the name of a topic


Here is an idea. Drawing On iPads Compared To Paper Topic 1.
It’s the exact opposite